Author Topic: 4th gen LS1 mods  (Read 2821 times)

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4th gen LS1 mods
« on: May 26, 2014, 08:21:54 PM »
Hello everyone,

below is a link with some performance mods that don't cost anything (except time) - disclaimer, I am not a mechanic and I would not recommend all these procedures - especially removing the screen front of the MAF (bad idea IMO)... but I have done one of the mods so far (cutting the bottom of the air filter box) and I have removed the air dam completely - this air dam is only for the upper part, there is still plenty of plastic pushing air up from underneath the car, so instead of hacking a hole it it (as recommended) I have removed it. My only concern here is getting the air filter exposed to water could be a big problem, but I figured it was only a small chance of this happening, since I rarely drive in rain and it's a long way for water to travel up.

Result: Better, for sure. How much better? Well, I don't have a dyno chart to compare results, but I felt that it gave me a little more punch and ran a little smoother and idles nicely. More air is a wonderful thing for an LS1.

Next week, I will be doing the EGR valve cut. That is a major obstruction!

PS: when I was pulling things apart, I found a Tornado air diffuser! Anyone heard of these?

here is the link for the "free" mods:


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