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Title: simple Garage guide in system
Post by: silverz on July 18, 2022, 02:15:57 PM
If you have tight clearances in your garage this simple system may help. All my recent American Muscle cars, Ď82 & Ď96 Z28 Camaros and now a 2018 Mustang have all had big coupe doors. The car position in the garage was important to avoid door strikes.
If you ever wondered how the big jets at the airport stop dead on centreline and perfect aero bridge position with no marshaling, itís a system called NIGS, Nose In Guidance System and familiar to pilots and ex airline people like myself and Felix. The following utilises the basic principles;-

For front positioning you will need a $5 pivoting wire frame mirror from Base, Reject shop, etc and some red tape.

1/ Park car in garage ensuring it is positioned perfectly where you want it to stop every time in future. Place a straight edge or timber across the floor in line with the front of the car.

2/ Mount the mirror frame on the wall using tape or screws. Placement is critical and should be in front of driver but slightly toward centre of the car.

3/ Keep the hinge line horizontal and mirror facing down around 45 degrees. (I placed mine two metres high so not in the way but being tall it does mean
 I have to bend down a little to see it.)

4/ From the driverís position then adjust the mirror until you can see the extreme front of the car. Move the timber back to just touch the front of the car as viewed in the mirror from the driving position. (Do not lean, only adjust at mirror).

5/ Mark this floor position then drive car in a few times to trim final position then replace timber with red tape. (This stop line will likely be back from the front a little due to mirror location).

If this was helpful and anyone wants a simple centreline guide in system using an ice cream bucket let me know and I will detail that also.
Cheers Bob
Title: Re: simple Garage guide in system
Post by: silverz on August 04, 2022, 01:08:35 PM
Part 2 by request; for the centreline guide in will need a white two litre ice cream bucket and red tape. (this can be duplicated on a side wall instead of mirror system).
1/ As before drive your car into the garage ensuring it is positioned perfectly where you want it to stop every time in future.
2/ Stick a vertical 3cm wide red tape line centrally inside the floor of the bucket.
3/ Stick a 3cm wide horizontal strip of white tape or paper centrally across the outer rim.
4/ Double side tape the bucket to the wall with the inner red line vertical and white outer rim line horizontal facing out.
5/ The position is critical and must be directly ahead in line with your driving position. (Probably alongside the previous mirror)
6/ Cut a 3cm square of red tape and temporarily attach it centrally onto the white outer horizontal line.
7/ From the driving position adjust the red square left or right so you can only see a solid vertical red line then press it firmly in final position.
When driving in if the central square is visually offset to the right then steer right; if the square is offset to the left then steer left until a solid vertical red line returns.
Cheers Bob,